Donate Your Bike Glasgow

Across Glasgow there are hundreds of unwanted bikes in need of a new home. If you are the owner of one of these bikes then please donate your bike to one of these fantastic local community organisations who will make sure that your unwanted bike is put to good use!

You can also buy second hand reused bikes from these organisations!


Please click on the map above or one of the links below. The postcode is where the organisation is located but they all serve a much bigger area.

Bike for Good (G3 & G42) (Revolve accredited)

Cam Glen Bike Town (G73) (Revolve accredited)

Common Wheel (G20 & G40)

De’ils On Wheels (G14) (Revolve accredited)

NDT Cycling (G46 & G78)

Soulriders Scotland SCIO (G41)

South West Community Cycles (G43)

Wheel Fix It (G15)

It is better if the bikes are donated direct to the local community organisations however some of the above organisations collect the unwanted bikes from Glasgow City Council’s Recycling Centres so even if the bikes end up there they will still get put to good use, which is wheel-y great news!

If you are not in the Greater Glasgow area then please call the National Reuse Line on 0800 0665 820 or visit the Recycle for Scotland website to find your nearest location to donate bikes.

Revolve accreditation is a re-use quality standard for shops who sell second hand goods in Scotland.

This website has been created by Glasgow Eco Trust in partnership with the organisations shown above.



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